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Awesome, Affordable Apps for Attorney Client Acquisition

Get More Clients Today with Mobile Law Firm Marketing!

By now you’ve probably heard that your clients have gone mobile!  Law firm marketing no longer happens in the Yellow Pages.  It’s now right in the palm of your new clients hands.  It is on that device that they keep within easy reach 24 hours per day.*


If you can’t be easily found on their mobile device…..they’ll go to your competitor!

“Mobile advertising is the most powerful advertising medium ever invented.” The New York Times

All attorney specialties can benefit from their own custom-branded, native** mobile app.

Injury Law

Injury law firms can attract new clients in several ways.  First is getting your prospective clients to download your app so it is right there in the palm of their hand when they need a lawyer.  Secondly, prospective clients can download the app right at the accident scene to use these features:

1) Crash Kit – What to Say and Not to Say  at the accident site

2) Accident Cam – sends pictures directly to your office

3) Witness Questions Lists

4) Schedule Appointment with one of your Attorneys

All from within a custom mobile app with your logo and branding right on their phone.

Do you need an app if you already have a website?  Well, yes you still need a high quality website that is preferably mobile-optimized. If you don’t currently have these in place, we can help you get up to speed. In fact we provide a free mobile website as a part of our app program.  Why an app?  Well research shows that users prefer a mobile app to websites, even mobile-optimized websites.  On a monthly basis users spend far more time on apps than they do websites from their mobile devices as evidenced by the following graph.

law firm marketing

Law firm marketing has gone mobile.  Let’s get your firm in the palm of your prospective clients hands today.  Call or contact us with the form at the right of this page.


* “93% of those surveyed have their mobile device within arms reach 24/7.” (Source: Morgan Stanley)

** Native apps are ‘real’ mobile apps available from iTunes or Google Play.  Not web apps made to simulate real apps.